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maedbh7 asked how the decision to research the textbook industry emerged from that Rubenfeld session. (Thanks, and hi! :-) ) Making a new post of my answer.

I went into the session with the question of why I was consistently getting to work 10-15 minutes late, despite feeling like I'd integrated its current role in my life. Reaching that conclusion just came from the dialogue aspect of the session. The touch aspect of receiving Rubenfeld hasn't been that significant for me personally so far -- except for facilitating me getting into therapeutic trance. Which is actually very significant because I'm so agile enough with talk that I don't get into that trance with pure dialogue.

Back before I picked Rubenfeld to focus on, I also checked out Rosen Method, which is a touch/talk therapy that focuses on breathing as the core element. I received three practice or demo sessions during a Rosen workshop, the theme of which I summarized as "where are you, I can't find you." It seemed like Rosen therapists were having a hard time feeling like they were connecting with what was going on for me.

I'm actually starting to frame how I've been receiving Rubenfeld sessions in a similar way. While cradling my shoulder the therapist will ask Gestalt style questions like "If your shoulder could talk what would it be saying" or "Is there anything you want to say to your shoulder". I open myself to whatever the answer may be to those questions, and often I don't get one. That's unusual, because it appears that most people, when they get into therapeutic trance, find they do have an answer to that kind of question. So I'm starting to think Rubenfeld is running into the same thing that Rosen was -- and the natural thing to do is turn that into content somehow. Work with the lack of an answer. Don't know what that'll look like, but I do have a whiff of the unknown in that direction.
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