Matt Listener (mattlistener) wrote,
Matt Listener

Rubenfeld course changes

I'm here at Omega again, for the next weeklong module of my Rubenfeld Synergy training. (5th of 12 over 4 years.)

The course directors have engaged "The Goldsmith Group" (healing discipline consultants) to help better realize their mission of making Rubenfeld Synergy an viable, sustainable discipline. Some of their recommendations are now impacting the level of our training group.

GG pointed out that compared to other disciplines, the curriculum of this training has people invest a lot more time and money before they allow us to start practicing for payment as "Rubenfeld Interns". So they are reimplementing the training structure to form three "levels", with a certification process for each level. 2 years of training = level 1, 3 years = level 2, and the full 4 years = level 3. After completing the training requirement for a level we'll be eligible to go through the certification process, which will be run by a new organization separate from the training organization (and will be certifying the trainers as well).

In this new structure, we'll be able to start seeing clients for money as a "Rubenfeld Intern" (with a price cap) after the January weeklong. After two months of that our first two years of training will be complete and we'll be able to get level 1 certified -- if we feel ready and can pass the requirements. They're not clear yet what the certification process will entail but one certain element will be video recording a full session and sending it to the certification board. At that point we'll be empowered to represent ourselves as a "Rubenfled Synergist (level one)" and set our own rates.

I'm really excited about this because I've known going into the training that my greatest challenges in the work were going to be around marketing myself. So, this brings forward in time the point where I have to start doing that, and thus will have the resources of the training available for a longer period while I work on that aspect of things. If it also brings forward in time the point where I have a large enough client base to quit the IT job and go full-time Rubenfeld Synergist, all the better!

They're also upping the frequency of the mentor telephone calls available to us from 1 every 2 months to 1 every 2 weeks, so there'll be a lot more of that resource to draw upon between modules.

At the present, I'm clear that I'm providing a valuable service to my practice clients (affirmed by the fact that they're keen to come back for more), however it'd be better called something like "body awareness building" or "getting into dialogue with your body" than the full "Rubenfeld Synergy". But a major missing piece is being introduced this week -- welcoming and helping contain emotional releases, and the major focus of the following weeklong will be making and following up on possible connections between the body's story and life issues. I've already been sensing the edges in my practice work where those skills would have been called into play had I gone in a different direction with something in a session.
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