Matt Listener (mattlistener) wrote,
Matt Listener

The Rubenfeld Synergy student is IN

Now that I'm in my 2nd year of training to practice Rubenfeld Synergy, I'll be needing some volunteers to practice on. This need will be ongoing for the next 3 years so consider this a standing invitation.

Come be a practice client! Or if you can't due to knowing me too well (see below), please think about whom you would refer. During my 2nd and 3rd years of training there will be no fee. During my 4th year the program will have us charge a partial fee for our services, as "Rubenfeld Interns".

Practice clients will receive relaxing and self-awareness-enhancing sessions that include gentle hands-on and dialogue about what you're experiencing in your body, but do not (at this point in my training) explore deep emotions or life issues. The client is always fully clothed and is welcomed to stop or modify the session at any time if they feel uncomfortable.

To be eligible to be a practice client, a person:
- Can't be a "good friend". (eg one of us has been to the other's house, or we're on "hugs hello" terms.)
- Can't have seen me before in either my Massage Therapy or Counseling practices.
- Has not been hospitalized for a mental health issue or recent major injury.

My course requires a screening call where I'll ask the prospective client some questions related to the above, after which I check in with my supervisor for a go/no-go (even if it's an "obvious yes").

My home office is near Ball Square in Somerville, a 12 minute walk NE up the bike path from Davis. Please send an email to [mattryan at pobox dot com] if you or someone you know is interested!

If someone is interested to be a Rubenfeld Synergy practice client but can't or doesn't want to see me for whatever reason, there's another talented student in my training program who also lives near Davis: Kamela Dolinova [kamela dot dolinova at gmail dot com]. I've included her email with permission -- she's looking for practice clients too so feel free to drop her a line.
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