Matt Listener (mattlistener) wrote,
Matt Listener

3rd Rubenfeld Synergy weeklong

Saw a demo of some new moves this afternoon, followed by skills practice time. Joe (one of the directors) came over and watched as I came out of a hip hold with a sweep down the leg, and pointed out that I had left my arms behind. That's totally how I would do the move as a massage therapist: initiate the move from my hips, and when my arms reach full extension begin to move them down the body for a nice smooth motion.

However as a Rubenfeld Synergist the primary intention is *listening*. If I don't start moving my hands down the body until my arms are at full extension, then I'm committed to the next part of the motion -- it doesn't allow the possibility of pausing in response to what I'm hearing through my hands.

When I bring my arms along with me as soon as I start moving my hips, I'm stable at each moment and able to focus more on "what am I noticing here" as opposed to following through with the movement.

Moving while being able to listen is more important than reproducing the mechanics of any particular technique.
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